Proximity Check!

Free guided tours for bands – an art experience to share with your bandmates

exhibition: Approximation by Bilderbuch
where: MuseumsQuartier Wien
when: upon agreement
guide: David Loibl
phone: 0699 81332441

Working on songs and playing gigs, hours of rehearsing and recording: bands will be familiar with the challenge of keeping different ideas and passions in proximity until they start to merge. But when it comes to album covers, music videos, stage backgrounds or band photos, a completely new kind of approximation is needed. The exhibition Approximation by Bilderbuch focuses on exactly this process and presents works of various visual artists the band Bilderbuch has been collaborating with over the years. The results of these collaborations are displayed next to dedicated new works, created to reflect on the themes of the exhibition:

  • how ideas and mediums of expression can be woven together
  • the interplay between the digital and the material realm
  • the breaking of habits, conventions and boundaries
  • visibility, exposure and image
  • performance and identity

So when a different band with its own unique history and perspective enters the exhibition room: will the images and the stories they tell feel familiar? Will they stir memories of discussions about how to develop as a band? Of turbulent photo and video shoots, possibly? Will Bilderbuch’s stage backgrounds and the plugged-in mics feel daunting and strange or like an invitation?

As a special offer, bands can experience the exhibition as part of guided tours (in English or German) and also bring fans and friends as company.* The tour is free and if the band mentions the visit on its social media accounts, the entry is free for its members. The MuseumsQuartiert will share pictures of the visit as well on its accounts and tag the band in the posts.**

* The tour will take about 50 Minutes. After a quick introduction, the band can first explore the exhibition on its own and the guided tour can then focus on the pieces and questions most interesting to the band. Friends and fans can take part in the tour as long as the group size doesn’t exceed 10 people (ticket price: € 7,-).

** The posts of the MuseumsQuartier will include a photo of the band in the exhibition, and the hashtags #proximitycheck and #approximation. The band can use the hashtags and photos for its post or posts too – and it would be great if you could tag the MQ as well and tell us what you liked about the exhibition or what caught your attention during the tour.
Upon request it’s also possible to take the tour without the social media posts: band members will need regular tickets in this case, but the tour will be free regardless.

Organised in cooperation with MuseumsQuartier Wien.